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Top marketers use offer pages like this for everything from Charter offers to launches and affiliate promos. Now you can too…..without any of the hassle!

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From: Martin
To: You, if you want to explode your conversions, make more sales and grow your list.

Go to any marketing page online right now, and I can almost guarantee you one thing...

...every one of them is going to have a video of some sort.

There’s no getting away from it - without video on your pages, you’re playing in the lower leagues.

You need a video to help get your message through......but it’s only a part of the equation.

It’s all about the right video, presented in the right way, with the right technology, call to action and scarcity.

Usually, to put the whole thing together you’d need a wordpress theme, or a programmer to build you something in HTML.

You’d have your headline, integrating your video code, your countdown timer, your call to action button or optin form, the page style, making the page responsive, the overall design...

...and loads more.

In short - it’s a complex process that not every can execute correctly. At best, you can end up with a passable page that can do some good for your business….. worst, you can end up with a clunky pile of junk that doesn’t work on mobile, doesn’t get people to take action and does more damage than good.

In cases like this, it doesn’t matter how slick your video is if the page and technology around it suck.

It’ll be a diamond in the rough, and will underperform hugely for your business.

In my 5+ years of online marketing I have perfected the formula for creating deal and offer pages that convert, using just the right amount of technology...

...but while still keeping it simple and central to your sales message. You’ve probably seen pages like this from me, and other marketers, creating offers like “72 hour whitelabel deal” or “Charter memberships: 100 licenses only”.

The tech side of this is pretty awkward, time consuming and sometimes just plain broken.

After today, that’s not the case any more. I’ve solved this problem with a brand new plugin that will make the old way of doing this look like a guy with a horse and cart as you drive past in your muscle car.



DealVid is a brand new wordpress plugin that takes the old manual way of running any type of video-centric deal, and turns it into a seamless easy to manage process that is a delight to use.

The old way had you struggling with manual countdown timers, trying to embed optin forms and shoehorn your video into a layout that might convert (and would it work on mobile?).

The new way provided by DealVid automates as much of the deal and scarcity process as possible….and all within a powerful easy to use plugin that is loaded with custom design options, templates and backgrounds.

DealVid is Packed With Amazing Features

  • Real-time Scarcity & Deal Pages

    DealVid lets you create fully automated real-time scarcity based offers that run on autopilot. All the key actions that need to happen when an offer ends, or is expiring, are built into the plugin.

  • 100 DealVid templates

    The DealVid plugin contains 100 backgrounds for your campaigns built right into the plugin, so you never have to worry about your campaigns looking boring.

  • Video Integration

    The key element of DealVid is the video around which your offer is based, and the plugin has direct integration for the leading video platforms, plus you can add your own embed code.

  • Button Builder

    With a full customizable button builder, you can create any style of call-to-action button you want. Just choose a few options, and you are all set.

  • Button library

    If you want to use a more graphical call to action button, you can do that too. We have  built-in library of high conversion buttons that you can use with one click.

  • Optin Form integration

    Sometimes your DealVid campaign might be for capturing leads. For that reason, we have directly integrated aweber, getresponse and mailchimp…..with more coming. Simply choose the style options you want and an optin form will appear as your call to action.

  • FB Comments compatible

    Want to use DealVid as an “early bird” or “pre-launch” page? Simply use our content wysiwg area to add your FB comments code and it works seamlessly, transforming what you can do with DealVid.

  • WYSIWYG content area

    DealVid campaigns need not be limited to only the headline, video and countdown area. We have also included a full content area where you can embed any HTML, add videos, images, text…..anything you need, giving you maximum flexibility.

  • Mobile Responsive

    DealVid is 100% mobile responsive so when your visitors arrive on their mobile device, they won’t see a broken page and you won’t lose out on any sales or opt-ins.

  • Automated Expiry actions

    When the counter reaches zero, DealVid will swing into action in real-time, without the user doing anything. Your expiry message will fade in and the offer will lock, or it will redirect to a page of your choosing – either one of your WP pages chosen from a list, or an external URL.

  • Offer chaining

    Don’t want to fully close an offer but want the price to go up a little? Just set DealVid to redirect to another DealVid campaign, and it will handle it all seamlessly – no manual settings to change, just set it up and let it do it’s thing.

  • Conversion centred

    DealVid is built around a tried-and-tested page layout used by leading marketers for short, time based deals that create urgency and a need to take action. This will ensure you get the most out of any campaign you run.

  • Background customisation options

    You can choose from the 100+ backgrounds that come with DealVid, upload your own or just use a HTML colour. You can even set up a gradient. The background can be fixed, scaled, tiled…whatever you need.

DealVid isn’t only for running special scarcity based offers, you can use it for practically anything where you want people to take some form of action….and in any niche.

Check out Some Example Campaigns Below...

Whitelabel launch

Affiliate promo

Shopify Offer

List Building

Charter Member Launch

Prelaunch Page

Offline Business Demo

Coupon Deal

The beauty with DealVid is that once you set
it up, it's practically hands free

You don’t need to manually check countdown timers, worry about timezones or make sure the offer is closed after the timer hits zero.

DealVids powerful Intelligent Timing System lets you choose what action you want the plugin to take once it expires. You can show an expiry message which can be any HTML, video or images….or you can set the page to redirect. It can redirect to any page in your wordpress site using a drop down list, or any external URL you like.

You can even automatically set up a technique I use a lot that I call Offer Chaining.

It works like this:

  • simply set up a DealVid campaign with your discount price
  • set up a 2nd DealVid campaign with a slightly higher price, but which is still lower than normal
  • Set the timer to expire, and then redirect to another WP page….and have your 2nd deal on that page.

This way, you don’t waste traffic, your scarcity is real (which is vital for the trust of your customers) and you can keep creeping the price up as time goes on, to make sure late comers still are spurred into action by the current live deal.

or….you can try the Waiting List method.

  • Just create your DealVid campaign with your offer
  • Create a 2nd DealVid campaign with an optin form (which we have built into the plugin)
  • Set the 1st timer to expire then it will automatically redirect to your waiting list DealVid….which also has a timer to make sure people act now and opt in.

This is a special offer deal and list building all in one.

Don’t let the simplicity of this concept fool you - setting these up seamlessly is problematic and usually requires human intervention to manually change things.

DealVid removes the manual factor and adds automation to the mix...

These also happen live in the page, without any
reload needed or the user clicking anything!

Check out this little animation to the right.

This is a live offer expiring and showing a custom overlay with "sorry, our offer has closed" video and custom message.

Nothing else does this.

Looks pretty cool, right?

This will do wonders for your credibility and authority when creating scarcity based offers. If you say they are going to end, they have to end.

You can create campaigns like this in minutes, with 5 simple steps

Step 1

Just install the DealVid plugin and click the "Add Campaign" link.

Step 2

Choose your background, add your video and your headlines.

Step 3

Set your expiry time and your call to action.

Step 4

Save your campaign and copy the shortcode from the dashboard.

Step 5

Paste the shortcode into our wordpress page, tick a checkbox and publish. Your campaign is now live. Simple!

And don’t think that just because this plugin solves some of the most annoying, conversion killing problems that you are going to be left to your own devices when it comes to design.

...I thought of that too.

DealVid comes complete with 100 Campaign Templates!

Just some of the 100+ templates included!

You can use these to make every campaign look beautiful, unique and cutting edge, all while harnessing the power of scarcity and special offer techniques.

For your call to action, you can use our powerful button builder, the optin form builder…...or 1 of the 100+ call to action buttons we include in the plugin.

100 Custom 'Call to Action' Buttons

The bottom line is, you will make your campaigns look like they were created by a top tier designer with a ninja coder to automate their key marketing functions…..and you will do it in mere minutes, thanks to DealVid.

No other software has been purpose built to do this.

There are no extra widgets that you don’t need, tacked on to drive the price up. There are no features that have not been created solely to make this a smoother, easier and there is no complex processes to make this difficult.

DealVid will save you time, save you money and can add a lot to your bottom line when you put it into action, just like it has for me.

So, right now you are probably thinking “ok Martin, this rocks….but how much is this gonna cost me?”


Well, before I tell you, please consider this: how much is it going to cost you in lost sales to not use DealVid?

...or even, how much would it cost you to buy other software and hire people to set it all up for you?

First off, you have the time cost.

In my mind, this is the most important. The richest person on the planet and someone struggling in a low paid job have one thing in common: they both have only 24 hours in the day.

If you can do anything in your day, in your life and in your business to save you time then do it.

DealVid saves you time.


Next, what if you needed to buy some other software to do this?

There is nothing else I know of that has been built specifically to do what DealVid does, which means the other apps will be bloated in features and price.....and definitely do not have all the automation DealVid has.

You’d be looking at spending $197+ for another wordpress plugin that does just some of what you need.

And then, you are going to need to hire an outsourcer to set it all up for you.

This is unreliable, expensive and yet again time consuming.

Not only do you have to find the outsourcer and pay them, you need to manage them and cross your fingers that they actually deliver and that they won’t vanish on you.

There is an easier way - DealVid.

DealVid presents the absolute best solution to the type of deal pages the leaders in the online marketing industry use.

Check out some of what they had to say when they got their hands on DealVid:

Sam Bakker Sam Bakker, Sam Bakker Consulting

I run a lot of offers so I know what converts, what works and what my deal pages need. DealVid gives me everything I need, automates the process and removes hours of manual grunt work. It makes time based video deals 'set and forget', freeing up my time...and everyone needs that.

Neil Napier Neil Napier, KV Social

We run deals all the time (about 2-3 per week) - but creating deal pages takes us many hours to do - every time. This ties me up and all my resources. DealVid simplifies things - I like it a lot! What I like most about this is its simplicity - will save our team a lot of time!

Karthik Ramani Karthik Ramani,

I run a lot of special '72 hour deal' offers and DealVid is exactly what I, or any other marketer, needs. The whole system is automated, it has unique features and most of all, it saves me a lot of time. This isn't just for big marketers, it works for offline niches, e-commerce....anything really. Highly recommended - it solves a big problem

Ankur Shukla Ankur Shukla, Creator of WP Freshstart

DealVid automates the entire deal page creation process, and makes all the old manual ways of doing this obsolete. Just set up a few options and a high converting special offer or deal can be live in minutes...and the extra powerful features make picking this up a no-brainer.

Abhi Dwivedi Abhi Dwivedi

There are problems and then there are perfect solutions. DealVid is that perfect solution to the problem of creating and running proper "Special Offer" or "Deal" video page with timers...on autopilot. This is something I've been doing manually every day for more than a year and DealVid makes it super easy to do now. It's easy, no fuss to-the-point plugin that lets you create pages with auto adjusting timers and video sales letter. For this price, it's a have no idea how much time this is going to save you.

Bertranddo Bertranddo, Youzign

I have seen Martin used video deal pages for pretty much the past 3 years in all his promotions. What he did with DealVid is essentially to automate this process that's been responsible for countless 4 (and 5) figure paydays. It took me less than 2 minutes to create a powerful deal page with a built-in countdown timer in DealVid. This is a must-have tool for marketers, I know it's going to save hours to my workflow. Highly recommended!

If top tier marketers like this are getting excited about DealVid, and as I actually built this for my own use to meet a big need in my own business… think it can help you too?

Of course!

Before we get to the price, here is a recap of everything you get:

  • A powerful scarcity and special offer creation plugin
  • 100 stunning template designs for your campaigns
  • Autoresponder integration
  • CSS Button Builder
  • Call-to-action button library
  • FB Comments compatibility
  • Real-time scaricty countdown, 100% reliable
  • Automated "offer expired" actions that happen in real time
  • Detailed training website and members area
  • Direct integration with leading video platforms
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • And much more...

DealVid is for sale now at a special launch price. Once the launch ends, the price will be rising. You have a full 30 day guarantee with DealVid so you have nothing to lose by picking it up now….but if you wait, the price will be higher

Single License $47

DealVid Multi


Unlimited Site License $67

DealVid Unlimited

Why am I offering this at such a low price?

To be honest it's like this: I like to reward people who take action and by accepting my offer now before the price goes up, you are showing trust in me and this product.

I should be asking for much, much more, because DealVid saves priceless time and removes the need for so many awkward, unsophisticated, manual steps in this proven marketing process.

Other products charge way more, do not have all the features of DealVid and are bloated up with complex features you don’t need.

DealVid is a lean, fast marketing beast moving through a flock of sheep...

...and you can harness its power today, by buying right now.



...and we have a no risk guarantee so you can do so with peace of mind.

YES Martin, I'm In!

I understand that I will be getting my own license of DealVid for just one tiny payment!

I also understand that I will get thorough and kind support from you and your staff should I run into any technical problems... even though this plugin is SUPER easy to work.

I also realize I have nothing to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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DealVid Unlimited

Save time, save money, and save the headaches of trying to do it all yourself! Invest in DealVid now and watch your marketing transform.

P.S. If you are NOT planning to invest in DealVid, then please ask yourself this question -- "Do I want to run the exact same successful campaign pages as the best of the best in online marketing?" If you answer yes, you must order now because DealVid is the answer!

P.P.S. How much more time and money will you waste trying to do things the old way, ignoring the latest technology that has been designed from the bottom up to solve your problem?

Look at what people are already saying about DealVid

DealVid Unlimited